Coffee shouldn’t be impersonal.


Coffee was made to be shared among friends in a place where people who care about each other and care about the world gather together.

What Happens Here

We are #MoreThanCoffee.



At The Lobby, we’re honored to be Calvert County’s best voted coffee shop 4 years in a row. Come and try our unique blends that are made and offered exclusively at The Lobby.


At The Lobby, we’re more than coffee. We are about bringing people together and making the world a better place–here in our community and around the world. Our non-profit coffee shop supports End Hunger In Calvert County & Honduras Compassion Partners. 



Coffee is best shared among friends. And it’s most enjoyed in a local coffee shop, where the staff knows you by your name and remembers your go-to drink. 

Most polite, friendly and genuinely pleasurable experience I've had at any retail establishment, of any kind, in recent memory. The food is excellent and the people are equally as warm and inviting. Knocked it out of the park for me. Highly recommend!

John Cleveland

I loved the acai bowl right down to the last spoonful . . . I was blown away! I don't know how something so good for you can taste so good.

Jimmy S.

The Lobby offers a nice break from your main stream coffee companies like Duncan and the buck, it's an authentic place with real people. This place offers freshly roasted and ground coffee and in house made baked goods that are high quality. The staff are awesome! Worth repeat trips.

Karl Frederick Hille

Don’t have time to sit down & want to enjoy your Lobby favorite on the go?

Download Toast Takeout to order, pay and pick-up your favorite Lobby items, all without waiting in line.


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